Visionary thinking needs flexibility and creative freedom. To this trend in Schüco architecture it responds to it, with the first, worldwide, fully hidden ironmongery with 180° opening. Schüco AvanTec SimplySmart is a generation of mechanical ironmongery with inward opening that combines timeless design and functional versatility with economical installation procedure. Besides flexible assembly without tools, other design features as well as the absence of external hinges combined with large casement dimensions define the uniqueness of this ironmongery generation.

In addition Schüco offers a great architectural freedom with the possibility of making casements weighing up to 250 kg, as well as complete opening up to 180º, what it was possible until now only to applied ironmongeries. In addition, Schüco has revolutionized the ironmongery mounting technology. The components as the bearing corner, scissors and corner guide mount on the casement without tools. This is made possible by a new technology for sliding through which ironmongery components can be mounted on the casement jointed in the corners, directly on the final positions. In addition to mounting technology it was flexible also the assembly operations order.

Product features

  • Fully covered ironmongery, the window outline is accentuated only by the elegant handle
  • 180° opening with 90° lockable possibility
  • Casement up to 250 kg for swing windows and 200 kg for tilt-turn windows
  • Class 5 corrosion protection for basic assortment
  • Optional hybrid drive rod with aluminum core for optimum drive torque

Mounting advantages

  • Flexible, intuitive processing
  • Casement assembly is made without tools
  • Ironmongery installation does not require the stamping of the window corner
  • The ironmongery can be mounted starting from any point
  • The ironmongery components are fixed by clipping
  • Comfort type locking pieces are with self-position

With this new generation of hidden ironmongery Schüco AvanTec SimplySmart, Schüco show in a unique way how innovations bring benefits to everybody - architects, investors and particularly metal companies.