Schüco VarioTec ironmongery benefits

Did you know that Schüco is the first producer of PVC which has patented its own system of feonerie?

Did you know that Schüco ironmongery alone does not rust?

Did you know that the original Schüco ironmongery is one that does not require special maintenance?

Schüco is first of all the largest systems design company in joinery. To make things perfect fit, Schüco designers decided to create their own ironmongery systems adaptable to any series of profiles created. These ironmongery systems are designed so that they last and impress. You are the beneficiary of an exclusive product.

The first thing taken into account by Schüco engineers is the ironmongery ability to resist very long time. This will allow you to enjoy many years of a fully functional joinery.

If most of the ironmongery systems involve cutting and joining of metal components operations that increase the risk of corrosion, the Schüco VarioTec ironmongery system gives you a modular mechanism composed of electrostatic dealt elements which combine perfectly with elements of polyamide creating an unitary ensemble that does not require special maintenance over time.

Schüco VarioTec ironmongery advantages

Schüco hinges are from solid aluminum, supporting over 130 Kg/unit in case of windows and in case of intense traffic doors we can talk about weights of over 400 kg/unit. They are adjustable in 3 directions, they can be applied or hidden in the profiles fold. Schüco is especially appreciated for the reputation that it has gained providing windows and doors for heavy traffic able to withstand over 1,000,000 opening/closing cycles proving a reliability that cannot be seen from other manufacturers.

The design of these components perfectly integrates into all elements that compose a window or a door, Schüco brand mark beaing easily observed. Schüco hinges are extremely reliable in both functional and provided protection, as evidenced by the numerous awards they have obtained from various certification bodies in the field.

The handles best define Schüco perfection and are guestbook for window or door. Whether aluminum or stainless steel, their lines are firm and elegant. When you touch a Schüco handle you will certainly feel the study years dedicated to perfect them and you will know that you benefit from a premium product.

The handles are offered to you in many color combinations and will always have emblazoned the Schüco logo.

Internal component elements are not plastic but very tough and resistant materials such as titanium, the cases when you will see a weakened Schüco handle is extremely rare, they resisting over 1,000,000 shareholders.

The handles can have incorporated hub (for windows) or escutcheon sites where are inserted for locking hubs. They can be operated with a normal key, master key with fingerprint or numeric codes.

Schüco locks, drive rods for windows and door locks are robust mechanisms and easy to handle. Their role is to act locking mechanisms using handles or keys and lately they can be operated electronically, based on fingerprint or remotely using the smartphone. VK1 and VK2 safety levels are easily achieved by Schüco locks, giving you your safety and comfort.

Drive rods for windows but also door locks are equipped as standard with mechanisms against wrong shareholders of the handle thereby avoiding detachment of the hinge frame.

This category includes the corners which continue the polyamide rod between two perpendicular sides, the scissor arm that allows the window to open in the tilt position and blockers that provide ironmongery closing from the casement in the places of the frame on all four sides.

The corners contain special connection elements that give continuity to the rods ensuring their left/right or up/down displacement without opposing mechanical strength.

The scissor arm ensures connectivity with the upper hinge and allows opening windows for ventilation supporting heavy loads.

Blockers can be cylindrical or mushroom type, entering in special places opposing excellent resistance to the attempts of breaking and entering.