Schüco Doors Benefits

Want more safety for your home?

Want to add extra value to your house?

Want to give more style to the interior spaces?

Your home needs safety first of all. Schüco systems designed for doors together with specially adapted ironmongeries give your door a remarkable extra security. You and you and your family will feel safe regardless of the area in which you decided to live. In addition the phonic comfort acquired will fill with silence own intimate space.

The home is the most valuable asset of your family. Its value increase proportionally with the attention to details. The door is a very important detail in a home setting. You can avoid problems by choosing doors that seamlessly integrate in your home premium concept.

You can imagine the door as a high, supple, full of elegance and style person. The spaces are intertwined because of their existence, this interplay has to be natural and effective. Schüco door systems make available different styles, sizes and shapes being adjusted according to the construction specifications, both at home and in the office.

Schüco Doors Advantages

Schüco doors are distinguished by a high resistance to thousands of cycles on / off. This is because high-quality materials that are used in their construction. The profiles are designed to eliminate buckling and the ironmongeries are adapted to the requirement to withstand more than 10000 applications. Their maintenance can be minimized in a long period of time and in appropriate conditions of use.

A main advantage of Schüco doors the material resistance, representing a more suitable option than traditional wooden doors. Moisture is recognized as the biggest problem of interior wooden doors. Strong variations of temperature change room humidity, sometimes causing condensation. The wood exposed to humidity can swell and then shrink, leading to a malfunction of the door locking systems to a bad thermal and sound insulation. Schüco doors are waterproof and resistant to moisture, maintaining its original form and mechanisms guaranteeing perfect operation, whatever are the conditions.

Feeling safe inside the house, both from the bad weather and against evildoers, it is one of the most important aspects in providing a pleasant ambience. Discrete and also very efficient Schüco systems ensure maximum safety.

The inside reinforcement from steel or aluminum offers a high resistance to burglary while maintaining a modern and pleasant appearance. The ironmongery mechanisms with handles designed to behave like the first press even after 10-15 years and lockers with close accounts in safety blocks by bolt or top operated by the rotation system of the hub protects the access to the interior regardless of the situation.

Each individual needs privacy in their own space. Schüco Door offers a high sound insulation due to special designed gaskets to limit vibration levels.

The number and structure of the inner insulation chambers help to achieve an optimum heat and phonic transfer coefficient regardless of the default role your door.

Schüco Doors have a unique style conferred by the finish applied profiles but by consistency of materials from which they are made. Using high tech intelligent technologies, Schüco systems allow doors customization to adapt to the inside and outside style of your building.

Double glazing windows Schüco are distinguished by an elegant design that combines functionality with aesthetic role of the windows. Using intelligent technologies, Schüco systems allow customization to fit your building windows.

Schüco doors can be made in all RAL colors and in various shades of wood imitation. Among the many elements Schüco patented Automotive finishing is a distinctive exceptional products under this brand.

PVC Doors

Schüco Corona SI 82

Corona SI 82 door system has three levels of gaskets

  • Best thermal insulation properties thanks to the thermal bridge breaking
  • Compatible with all usual ironmongeries
  • Barrier-free threshold according to DIN 18025, a choice of reinforced PVC with fiberglass or aluminum
  • 82 mm construction depth
  • Narrow visible width
  • Construction depth increased for greater antitheft protection
  • Non-coplanar sheets
  • Penta cameral profile system with excellent thermal insulation properties
  • Three levels of gaskets for optimal protection against wind, rain and noise
  • Silvery-gray gaskets on white profiles for a better appearance
  • Softform design for harmonious creative possibilities
  • Hidden drainage system

Corona SI 82 door systems are suitable for different application options both in the field of building construction and in that of renovation. Through a complete program of accessories it is concomitant ensured a high safety of the system.

Schüco Corona CT 70

The PVC doors Corona CT 70 with batting gasket is based on a profile with 3 rooms. Excellent thermal insulation properties at small visible widths are defining this system.

  • Installation depth by 70 mm
  • Trilateral profile system for optimum thermal insulation
  • Indoor and outdoor batting gasket
  • Compatible with normal ironmongery
  • Attractive curved contours and oblique on the visible side
  • Suitable alternative for renovations through various glass rods with attractive design
  • Optimal balance between thermal insulation and stability
  • EPDM silver-gray modern gaskets for black and white profiles, for foiled profiles
  • The profiles for sheets are non-coplanar

The inclusion of this system in the Corona series colorful concept offers the possibility to choose from 20 different types of decorative wood or single color for one or both sides of the profile. In foliating is made with high quality decorative foils resistant to weathering and sunlight, which can be obtained in special colors.

Schüco Corona AS 60

Corona AS 60 system for PVC doors convinces through excellent thermal insulation values and the largest visible width at an installation depth of 60 mm and a gasket system stops.

  • Mullion mounting depth of 60 mm
  • Construction with 3/2 rooms for optimum stability
  • The large rooms for reinforcement allow the introduction of steel reinforcement, depending on the needs of the state of the doors construction
  • 8mm overlap between the hidden frame and the edge for better tolerance
  • 13 mm ironmongery axis enables the use of special ironmongery parts, antitheft protection
  • Inside and outside bating gasket
  • Extruded gasket for frames and doorframe
  • Door threshold and basic profiles with fixing parts for gasket retaining ways
  • Softform Profiles with an oblique outline combined with an attractive design
  • Exterior glazing and batting gaskets and batting for fixing rods are securely fastened in profile

Corona AS 60 system offers style adapted renovation options through various attractive design glass rods. The flexible range of colors offers a great freedom of creation and planning.

Aluminum doors

Schüco ADS 60

The new Schüco ADS door 60 is suitable for economical entrance solutions in conjunction with very good thermal insulation. Due to the optional extras it can be used as a multifunctional door and integrated into building safety and automation.

  • good thermal insulating using wide area
  • Uf value 2,64 W/m²K
  • 50 mm construction depth
  • rebate hinge clamping, continuously adjustable in three directions
  • nearly coplanar ornament
  • antitheft protection up to WK2
  • perfectly compatible with Window AWS 60


  • automatic door seals
  • low threshold height solutions
  • door panels with casement coverage
  • anti panic ironmongeries
  • remote control operation
  • integration into building automation

Schüco ADS 70.HI

The new Schüco ADS door 70.HI (High Insulated) combines an excellent thermal insulation with the benefits of Schüco ADS door systems. 70 mm construction depth confers high stability. Thanks to optional extras it can be used as a multifunctional door and integrated into the building security and automation. Timeless design can be found with rounded contours (SL version) and can be ideally combined with Schüco systems for curtain, walls and windows.

  • 1.89 W/m2K Uf value
  • foam filling increased containment area
  • 147 mm face width/li>
  • rebate hinge clamping, step less adjustable in three dimensions
  • nearly coplanar ornament
  • antitheft protection up to WK2 (as ADS 70 HD up to WK3)


  • residential Line (RL) variant or Softline (SL) or Heavy Duty (HD)
  • automatic door seal
  • barrier-free solutions
  • hidden hinges
  • door panel applied to the casement
  • panic ironmongeries
  • escape doors lock
  • access control
  • remote control operation
  • integrable into building automation