Schüco Sliding Doors Benefits

Want more light in your life?

You want your patio to be a part of your living room?

Want to enjoy the spectacle of nature?

What can you want more than sun and clouds joyful run wild through the bright landscape of your home. The time of traditional dwellings where the windows had a minimalist role not dealing with the isolation requirements, passed. It's time to enjoy the best that our environment has and this is now within reach us. People have always been more active and more effective as the light floods the interior space. The positive energy that you can win is the maximum element that you need to have a perfect day.

Wouldn’t be a shame that in the summer time we cannot add an extension to the living room by a simple push of a button? Friends who will visit with you will enjoy together with you by an expanded, fresh and welcoming space. In cold weather the illusion of merging with the exterior will be replaced by a firm, efficient, modern and practical shield including the office interiors divisions.

Nature will be part of your life at any time.

Schüco Sliding Doors Advantages

Schüco Sliding Doors are thought to provide a high level of functionality. Their handling is done with ease regardless of the size or total weight that you propose. This is possible due to advanced systems sliding obtained from studies conducted in Schüco research institute. Transport trolleys made of special materials allow easy rolling and long life of the mechanism. The profiles are specifically designed to enable the design of large glass spaces that can replace the entire wall of the house, giving it exceptional modern and functional appearance.

Although they seem fragile, the mobile mechanisms of sliding doors are extremely robust and allow heavy loads that require pressure opening mechanisms. Once closed, they become insurmountable barriers due to the complete perimeter closure but also to the protection provided by the profiles that include ironmongery elements. The mechanisms are treated against corrosion and are very resistant even if you step on them.

Bariera termica

Though from the couch we can see the entire outdoor environment through the sliding glass areas offered by Schüco Sliding Doors this is however an insuperable barrier to bad weather and low temperatures. The level of thermal insulation provided by sliding systems reached in the recent years to a better report providing the same level of insulation as a conventional window. The new lock on the gasket and lifting before sliding systems confer to these systems very effective sealability.

In recent decades it was found an explosion and an unprecedented speeding of the modernist and minimalist style. They define themselves by offering ample glass housing or office type buildings. Straight lines, large volumes and light shades give a futuristic appearance to constructions.

Removing curtains, LED light introduction, finishing materials of last generation and sliding doors define the house of the future and Schüco Sliding Doors cannot miss from this concept.

PVC Sliding Doors

Schüco Corona CT 70 HS

By multi-chamber PVC developed profiles, a 70 mm construction depth of the sheet and the high quality insulating glazing, Corona CT 70 HS achieve thermal insulation properties of modern building windows. Lift-sliding door threshold is built so that thermal decoupling occurs between interior and exterior. These help avoid cold spots in the threshold area.

An innovative gaskets system guarantees both maximum tightness to wind and rain and an optimal sound insulation. In addition, checked security systems meet the highest antitheft protection requirements.

  • Flat threshold without barrier
  • Very good thermal insulation due to thermal separation made between reinforcing and threshold profile.
  • Multiple cameras technology in all construction details
  • To seal sensitive construction details, for example the middle area, there are used EPDM sealing elements
  • Class 4 air permeability according to DIN EN 12207 (Group C)
  • Class 8A nasty showers tightness according to DIN EN 12208

By integrating into Corona color concept, 70 CD system enchants in a variety of unlimited colors.

Schüco Corona ThermoSlide

The buildings made of Schüco Thermo Slide PVC multi-chambered profile from, with 82 mm construction depth and triple insulating glass, have excellent insulation performance, reaching passive houses level values, below 0.8 W/m2K. The threshold thermal separation eliminates cold spots in the floor. The gasket system guarantees both wind and rain maximum tightness and optimal sound insulation. Checked safety systems respond to the most demanding antitheft protection requirements.

  • Wide threshold for more comfort and mobility
  • The triple thermal separation in the threshold eliminates the possibility of forming cold areas on the floor
  • The three levels of insulation gaskets system ensure wind and rain proof
  • Security locking systems up to WK2 class of antitheft protection
  • Class 4 air permeability according to DIN EN 12207 (Group C)
  • Class 8A nasty showers tightness according to DIN EN 12208

Este disponibila o gamă largă de culori uni sau decor lemn, precum şi noua posibiltate exclusiva de finisare a suprafetei Schüco AutomotiveFinish.

Aluminum Sliding Doors

Schüco ASS 32.NI

The Royal S 24N system offers as a bare system an economical solution for interior sliding doors or wherever thermal insulation is not a necessity.

  • Narrow visible widths for maximum brightness of canaries
  • Special aluminum profiles for interior extension
  • Comfortable use due to the handles usable with one hand
  • Greater creative freedom thanks to perfect compatibility between systems, being possible the combination with skylights and railings

The Royal S 24N system enables generous sliding doors solutions with 3-way itself up to 2/3 of the width of the element, such as a bridge to glazed balconies and terraces. Additional possibilities of combining with skylights and parapets make possible the construction of individual and tailored interior enlargements.

Schüco ASS 32 SC

Royal S 24 system offers a smart and economical solution for sliding doors and windows in terms of space: for example the frames disappear completely into the wall. The result: optimal use of space even at full opening of the door, easy transition being possible even in small openings in the wall. An ideal building for residential construction.

  • Narrow visible widths of the frames for maximum brightness
  • Optimum use of space thanks to the installation wall
  • Large widths of the crossing space
  • Profiles of solid aluminum with thermal insulation and a high degree of stability
  • Comfortable use due to the handles usable with one hand
  • Greater creative freedom thanks to perfect compatibility between systems, being possible the combination with skylights and railings

Royal S 24 system enables wide openings with itself with 3 ways up to 2/3 of the element width, for example, for crossings to the balconies and terraces. Additional possibilities of combining with skylights and parapets make possible individualized and tailored construction.

Schüco ASS 50

Royal S 120+ system Sliding doors creates generous, free opening crossing, with easy access with 3 rails up to 2/3 of the element width, with a required minimum space: given the fact that sheets slides in a single plane, the opening inward or outward doors disappear. And when closed, the aluminum system convinces with perfect tightness and thus provides optimal thermal and sound insulation.

  • Insulated aluminum profiles with high stability
  • Comfortable use due to the handles usable with one hand
  • Stainless steel rails ensure easy and silent sliding
  • 76 mm casements slim visible width
  • Continue gaskets to better sound insulation
  • The possibility of using the profiles in different colors inside and outside (colored or treated against oxidation area)

The creation freedom is also almost unlimited: the sliding doors construction can be adapted to the individual customer wishes through mullioned, rods of glass and stainless ironmongery. Royal S 120 system provides ideal solutions for private construction objectives, greenhouse, gastronomy, hotels or office buildings as sliding windows.

Schüco ASS 70.HI

Extremely well insulated sliding and lift-and-slide type systems with perfect tightness, exceptional sound insulation and the new technology Schüco comfort SmartStop / Schüco SmartClose as an option.

Based on the single, double and triple-track outer frames, Schüco ASS70.HI allows creating large widths openings, offering an outstanding comfort in use - the high quality system is the perfect solution for commercial projects or luxury residential properties. Optionally, Schüco ASS 70.HI can be completed with new Schüco SmartStop and Schüco SmartClose technology, ensuring a simple and safe use of mobile component.


  • Thermal insulation: Uw values of <1,3 W / (m²K), depending on design
  • Sliding and lift-and-slide systems with optimized thermal insulation in accordance with DIN EN ISO 10077, Part 1


  • Mobile component weighing up to 300 kg up to 400 kg as special design
  • Mobile component with dimensions up to a maximum of 9 m²: high transparency that ensures a maximum brightness
  • Wide range of colors, being possible designs with different colors for inside and outside system


  • Alternative installation: completely hidden Schüco e-slide drive system opens, closes and locks even lift-and-slide models covering the entire space from floor to ceiling.


  • Antitheft protection level up to RC 2class, according to DIN V ENV 1627


  • High quality accessories components for easy use
  • Excellent drainage system with water tightness up to 1050 Pa